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Youth Express

Dec 24, 2019

PJ Squire, a senior at Shaler Area High School with a commentary on chronic illness, Jae Volk, a senior at West Allegheny High School with a short story entitled, Jessica, and Maeren Quirke, a sophomore at North Allegheny Middle School with a commentary on the effects of conspiracy theories.

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Dec 10, 2019

Earl Morado, an eight grade student at Woodland Hills Academy with a commentary on violent video games, Emy Vila-Kubiak, a junior at Pittsburgh CAPA with an original story entitled, Percy Jackson's Ex, and Zach Huber, a junior at Pine Richland High School with a spotlight on Stan Lee.

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Dec 4, 2019

Vidya Surti, a junior at North Allegheny High School, with a commentary on gluten intolerance, Anthony John Wiles Jr., a sophomore at Sewickley Academy, with an original poem entitled, Georgia Heat, and Winston Nunley, a sophomore from East Liberty, with a commentary on gender presumptions.

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